Eden Hazard Biography and His Up and Down Football Career

1 year ago

Since being discovered by Lille in 2005, his career has grown without a hitch. With enormous potential, the Belgian midfielder heated up in France even though he was just a young player. Coming to Chelsea, he captivated all the fans in London with the magic he created. Hazard's career ladder has been on the rise.

It looked like he could reach the glory like other football legends with his great potential. In 2019 he joined a big and ambitious club like Real Madrid at a huge price. Fans said that this could be the landing place for the Belgian player to reach the top of his career but he gradually stopped and faded in Madrid.

Recently, The Athletic newspaper reported that Eden Hazard intends to stay at Real Madrid until the expiration of his contract with the Santiago Bernabeu in June 2024. Real Madrid want to liquidate him but Hazard feels his family and himself are having a good and safe life in Madrid so there is no intention to move at this time and perhaps, Hazard's career will end at Los Blancos. What a shame for their exceptional talent. On this occasion, let's look back at the career of this Belgian player!

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Eden Hazard Biography

Eden Hazard was born in La Louviere and grew up in Braine-le-Comte - a small district in southern Belgium. His mother Carine and his father Thierry are both footballers in the country. His father spent most of his life playing at a Belgian second division club, while his mother played as a Belgian first division striker for women. She stopped playing football when she was two months pregnant with Hazard. Both became coaches after retiring from playing football.



Inheriting the football genes of their parents, the four Hazard brothers soon showed their passion and talent for the ball. The most famous is probably his younger brother Thorgan Hazard - a player playing for PSV Eindhoven. Eden Hazard, on the other hand, started playing football at the age of four with the Royal Stade Brainois. At the age of 13, he moved to Tubize and the Belgian boy's career began to progress.

The ups and downs in football career

Lille: The Jewel of French football

2005 marked a great turning point for Eden Hazard when he was discovered by a Lille scout and brought back to France. It is understandable that the area where Hazard lives is close to the border with France and there is a large community of French speakers living here. Therefore, scouts in teams in the country often pay more attention to this area.



Coming to Lille at the age of 15 was the right decision for Hazard and his family to open up a bright future ahead. He spent two years at the club's academy before securing his first official contract. In May 2007, Hazard officially began his professional career with a three-year contract. Since then, he has become an integral part of Lille under coach Rudi Garcia despite his young age.

In his first professional season, Eden Hazard won the Union Nationale des Footballeurs Professionnels award for Young Player of the Year, becoming the first non-French player to win the award. In the 2009/10 season, the Belgian player won this award again, and became the first player to win this award twice in a row.

In the season 2010/11 saw Eden help Lille win both the French Cup and Ligue 1. This is also the season when Eden Hazard received the award for the best player of the season - the youngest person to get this.
After more than 190 appearances for the French club, Hazard scored 50 goals. His team-mate and then-Lille captain Rio Mavuba praised Hazard: “This season Eden has proved he is the best player in Ligue 1. I have seen many great players in my career, but at Eden's age he is the only one.

Chelsea: Peak of his career

With his great potential, after 5 years of playing at Lille, Hazard is noticed by many European giants. In the summer of 2012, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Chelsea wanted his signature, but Hazard opted for London, which would eventually help the player reach the peak of his career. In June 2012, Hazard moved from Lille to Chelsea for £32 million.



Previously, he had never thought of joining Stamford Bridge because Chelsea had a poor record on the domestic front and was left behind in the race to qualify for the Champions League in 2012/13. However, with the defeat of Bayern Munich in the Champions League final, Chelsea can participate in the most prestigious tournament in Europe as the defending champion. This prospect makes Ha Gia feel very excited about joining the West London team.

On August 12, Hazard had his first match for Chelsea in the Community Shield against Manchester City. In this match, the Blues failed with a score of 3-2. A week later, he had an opening match in the English Premier League. The Belgian midfielder excelled, contributing to both goals for Chelsea in a 2-0 win over Wigan Athletic. Head coach Roberto di Matteo was very pleased with the rookie: he was outstanding. Eden has shown his level and class and that makes me feel very satisfied.

In the first season, Hazard played extremely prominent in the attack of the representative of London. In 62 appearances, Eden scored 13 goals and provided 24 assists for his teammates.

Hazard is used in a variety of positions in Chelsea's attack, from the attacking midfielder, the attacking striker or a winger. All positions he competed at the level of excellent shoulder to shoulder. With a small body and low center of gravity, Hazard's swinging moves are extremely smooth. He often performed flank breaks on his opponents to pass him. Hazard's forte is also bipedal and very good in passing ability. Almost all the opponents have to admit that it is extremely difficult to win the ball from Eden's feet. Another strong point is the speed and technique. You can control the ball at high speed.

The following season was an explosive one for Eden Hazard. The Belgian midfielder acquired most of the individual titles in the Premier League, joining Chelsea to lift the Premier League Cup that year. Hazard's superiority in the Premier League in the 2014/15 season led Jose Mourinho to tell the press that Hazard played even better than superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. It is difficult to compare any player to Ronaldo and Messi, but Mourinho's words proved the great potential of the 1991 midfielder.

In seven years in London, up to five seasons Eden Hazard was voted in the squad of 11 best players in the league from 2012 to 2019 in the English Premier League. Hazard made 245 appearances for Chelsea, scoring 85 goals and 54 assists. He had more than 900 passes, created nearly 600 chances for his teammates and was one of the most fouled players in the league with 638. The 2018/19 season ended with Chelsea and Hazard winning the Europa League title with the team. Interestingly, his first title was also the C2 trophy.

Real Madrid: End of a talent

In 2019, Eden Hazard is determined to leave and join Real Madrid to take another step to the top. It was not only Frank Lampard but many Chelsea fans regretted not being able to keep him at Stamford Bridge. Lampard said after Hazard's departure:

For me, Hazard is obviously one of the best players in the world. I'm a huge fan of Hazard. I've played against him and I know how talented he has been in recent seasons. Hazard is Chelsea's most important player. So the team had some difficulties without him in the team.

Coming to the Spanish Royal team for more than £100 million and launched in the presence of more than 50,000 spectators on the Bernabeu ground, everyone and Hazard himself have expectations. Fans of the White Vulture hope he can shoulder Real's attack, and he hopes he can get his hands on the first Champions League trophy of his career.



However, despite being at the age of nine, Hazard seems to be stepping back on the promotion ladder for the first time. On television in 2014, Samuel Eto'o, when asked about Eden Hazard, said: Ronaldinho is the best in the world but if you don't train every day, you will pay the price. Hazard can become Messi, but if he doesn't train, after two years, everyone forgets who he is. Football moves very fast.

Not controlling the weight is also the reason why Hazard often suffers some injuries, thereby increasingly declining at Real Madrid. The latest injury in February was the 18th since arriving at Real Madrid and continues to hamper the 32-year-old's career. With all that, he almost disappeared at the Bernabeu. According to OPTA, Hazard has only played 36.7% of the games in Madrid in all the competitions he has been in, of which only 21.6%. So far, the Belgian has only scored seven goals in the royal team's white shirt and he has not made a single appearance in El Clasico since his arrival in Spain.


Real Madrid want to defuse “this bomb”. According to Mario Cortegana, Hazard is the highest-paid player in the team. But it seems he does not intend to give up his salary but is willing to eat a bowl of gold until his contract expires in the summer of 2024. Or if he moves, he will consider a team in the United States, The Athletic said.

So with the above decision as well as with the condition no longer being full, it is clear that Hazard's career is gradually coming to an end. You didn't reach the top of your potential. What a shame for a star who used to be so bright in the football sky.