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About Inter Milan

Inter Milan football club is a team with foreign players. Fans often call the team the simple name Inter. Currently, the team is headquartered in Milano.
Inter Milan is the team that fully participates in every season of Serie A. This is the most senior football championship in Italy. Currently, the team owns 39 major titles that have been achieved in history. With this achievement, Inter is the team ranked 3rd in Italian football following Juventus and AC Milan.
Over the last few years, Inter Milan also jumped into some managerial problems and the departures of great players. However, Inter is currently possessing a stronger squad due to the depth of their team, yet they still need to strengthen their team more in a few areas.
Inter Milan’s best players of all time are Giuseppe Meazza, Giacinto Facchetti, Javier Zanetti, Ronaldo, and Luis Suarez. 

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