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About AS Roma

A.S. Roma, Full name Associazione Sportiva Roma (Roma Sports Association) is an Italian Capital Team, nicknamed giallorossi (Red-yellow), La Magica, I Lupi, Capitolini, currently playing in Serie A.
The Official Stadium of Roma is the Olimpico, which can accommodate up to 72,700 people. And the traditional outfit of the As Roma Club is a ripe plum color with gold trim, white pants, and black socks.
As Roma Club won the serial a Title for the first time in the season 1941 - 1942, Before that they finished second in this tournament in the second season of the 1930 - 1931, 1935 - 1936 Season. In Italy, AS Roma is always appreciated each season. Under the guidance of José Mourinho, this team is making impressive changes and promises to reap success in the coming seasons.
As Roma is the team with the largest number of fans, 5th in Italy. After all, the fans of this team are divo many different factions, there are loyal factions, the faction that brings extremes.

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