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About UEFA Nations League



From September 2018, UEFA will organize the UEFA Nations League with the participation of 55 teams which are national football federations.

These 55 teams are divided into 4 grades A, B, C, and D based on UEFA's national team rankings (different from FIFA rankings). Each class A, B, C, and D are further divided into groups to find the best names.

This tournament was created not only to help teams reduce the number of international friendly matches, but also to provide an opportunity for teams that did not qualify for the Euro.

Because the EURO 2020 qualifiers only determine 20/24 teams to qualify for the finals, the remaining 4 places will be decided through the play-off round. The UEFA Nations League was born for teams to compete for those four playoff spots.

Specifically, in each division, there will be 1 team to win tickets through the play-off round. The top teams in each group will participate in this round. If the top team has a ticket, the opportunity will be given to the next team in that group. In case a division does not have 4 teams, the remaining seats will be reserved for teams in other divisions.

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